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Danijela Vnučec Grdović

We are pleased to invite you to International Staff Week “New scenarios of internationalization – recognising needs, facing challenges, designing solutions” which will be held at the University of Lodz between 29th of May to 2nd of June 2023.


The event is addressed mainly to administrative staff dealing with international relations, student service and promotional activities at their home institutions. The aim of staff week is to exchange good practices and ideas about communication with international students, digitalisation and internationalisation (e.g., Erasmus Without Paper), short and blended mobilities. We will share our knowledge regarding European Universities initiative, cooperation of UL’s units, taking care of international community (both students and academic staff).


The staff week includes also interactive activities like workshop on communication with Gen Z and group work regarding following topics (one to choose):

1.            Students’ needs – how to spot and cater for them?

2.            Digitalization of administration work.

3.            European Universities and other examples of unis teaming up.

Also, it includes social events and cultural activities that will give opportunity to visit attractive places in the city and to know other participants better 🙂


Please find attached a preliminary programme of the event. You can also check our website. All the activities will be held in English, requiring a minimum of B1 level. If you are interested in taking part in this programme, please register at: https://forms.office.com/e/9QERRAgmtH Deadline for the registration is 6th April 2023.


Contact person for this staff week: Marta Jeżykowska marta.jezykowska@uni.lodz.pl.


Participation is free of charge. You can cover all your mobility costs (travel, accommodation, living expenses) from your Erasmus+ grant or in any way convenient to you.

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