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Psychology is a modern social science that studies human behaviour and psychological processes. Its focus is the development of scientific theories based on research, and the implementation of research results in many areas of the human life and functioning. The study programme in psychology at the Centre for Croatian Studies, at undergraduate and graduate levels, is in accordance with the European Diploma in Psychology, which guarantees that it provides professional competencies recognized within the European Union, and makes graduates in psychology fully qualified to compete in the labour markets. Information on the study programme are available at the web pages of the Department of Psychology.

Published: 2014-05-12 at 09:38
Marina Štambuk

(29. - 31. May 2014.; Zadar, Croatia)

The international scientific conference Psychology Days in Zadar has been held in the organization of the Department of Psychology at the University of Zadar for 35 years now. 

Initially conceived as a regional meeting, it soon outgrew those frames and now we can say that it is a reputable international meeting. Its quality was recognized by many participants, whose large responsiveness is also an incentive to members of the Department for further improvement in the organization and realization of this event. Therefore, with certainty we can say that this is today one of the most renowned international scientific meetings in our region, and perhaps beyond.

The conference program provides a set of thematic symposia, roundtables, and presentations of scientific and professional papers from various fields of psychology, such as perception, cognition, experimental psychology, methodology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, social psychology, emotions, motivation, personality, psychophysiology of stress, psychophysiology of work, organizational psychology, clinical, health psychology, etc. In addition to these traditional areas of psychology we certainly hope that topics that will link a number of other practical and theoretical approaches in psychology will be represented during the 19th Psychology Days.


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