Practice - research methods of mass communication
Code: 144890
ECTS: 3.0
Lecturers in charge: nasl. doc. dr. sc. Iva Černja Rajter
Lecturers: nasl. doc. dr. sc. Iva Černja Rajter - Practicum
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In agreement with the students enrolled in the course, the lecturer will provide as many teaching elements in English as possible, or in both English and Croatian for mixed groups (i.e., bilingual teaching materials and bilingual exams). Level 2 also includes additional individual consultations with foreign students (as in Level 1) for the teaching elements which will be held in Croatian.

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Lecture typeTotal
Practicum 30
Seminar 15
* Load is given in academic hour (1 academic hour = 45 minutes)
The aim of the course is to apply the acquired basic theoretical knowledge of research methods of mass communication through the implementation of independent research. Practicum educates and prepares students for the proper use of scientific methods to study mass communication.
Learning outcomes:
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  2. , Riffe, Daniel, Lacy, Stephen + Fico, Frederic G.(2005). Analyzing Media Messages. Using Quantitative Content Analysis in Research. Mahwah, New Jersey, London: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, pp. 23-121;, , , .
  3. , Wimmer, Roger D. + Dominick, Joseph R. (2011). Mass Media Research: An Introduction, Ninth Edition. Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, chapters 6, 7;, , , .
Optional literature:
  1. , Gunter, Barrie (2002) "The quantitative research process" In Klaus Bruhn Jensen (ed.) A Handbook of Media and Communication Research. Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies;, , , .
2. semester
KOM-dipl (3988): ZIMK: Specijalistička radna grupa 4. - Regular studij - Communication Studies
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